Lisha Li (李丽莎) (Graduate Student, 2019)

Lisha Li

Birthday: 1997-11-11

Native place:XinYang,HeNan

Education Experiences:2015/09–present China agriculture university




Research Interests:Organic synthesis methodology


Personal Statement:

Lisha is a cheerful and gentle girl.The senior high school chemistry learning experience made she have a strong interest in chemistry, so she firmly filled in all the majors related to chemistry as her first choice when she applied for the college entrance examination. After three years of undergraduate professional courses learning and experimental training, she gradually established her professional belief and became more determined to continue her study and research in this field. Starting in February 2019, she joined Prof.Zhou research group at wuhan university, which was the new starting point of her life. Hopes she works hard and keep her passion for chemistry here.