Zeshui Liu (刘泽水) (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Zeshui Liu (刘泽水)

Postdoctoral Scholar (2018.7 – present)

Research Interests: synthetic methodologies and asymmetric catalysis

E-mail: lzsh123@126.com





2018.7 – present   Postdoctoral Scholar

Wuhan University (advisor: Prof. Qianghui Zhou)

2015.9 – 2018.6   Ph. D. of Organic Chemistry

Wuhan University (advisor: Prof. Qianghui Zhou)

2012.9 – 2015.6   Master of Organic Chemistry

China West Normal University (advisor: Prof. Quan-Zhong Liu)

2007.9 – 2011.6   Bachelor of Biology

Yangtze University (advisor: Prof. Jun Rong)



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