Zeshui Liu (刘泽水) (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Zeshui Liu (刘泽水)

Graduate Student (2015.9—)

Research Interests: synthetic methodologies and asymmetric catalysis

Email: lzsh123@126.com

Birth: 8/3/1988



2015.9 – present   Ph. D. Candidate of Organic Chemistry

College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University

Supervisor: Prof. Qianghui Zhou

2012.9 – 2015.6   Master of Organic Chemistry

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, China West Normal University

Supervisor: Prof. Quanzhong Liu

2007.9 – 2011.6   Bachelor of Biology

College of Life Science, Yangtze University


Zeshui Liu was born and grew up in Shiyan City, which is famous for Wudang Mountain as well as the water sources area of the Middle Route Scheme of the South-North Water Diversion Project. In his spare time, he like sports, such as basketball, table tennis and badminton. His favorite motto is “Cease to struggle and you cease to live”.