About Organic Synthesis


“Organic chemistry has literally placed a New Nature beside the Old. And not only for the delectation and information of its devotees; the whole face and manner of society has been altered by its products.”

“The synthesis of substances occurring in nature, perhaps in greater measure than activities in any other area of organic chemistry, provides a measure of the condition and power of the science”

——R. B. Woodward (the 1965 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry)






“Chemical synthesis is uniquely positioned at the heart of chemistry, the central science, and its impact on our lives and society is all pervasive”

——E. J. Corey (the 1990 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry)







“As the flagship of organic synthesis, total synthesis often guides and demands new synthetic methods and strategies. It also becomes the testing ground where new technologies and strategic concepts are tested and judged for their applicability, efficiency, and practicality”

——K. C. Nicolaou