About Us

The Zhou Lab was established in June, 2015 at Wuhan University. Our lab aims at developing practical synthesis of bioactive natural products, with a special emphasis on highly valued natural products isolated from endangered species or extreme environment (deep sea, volcano and etc). Due to lack of supply, such precious natural products with important bioactivities are sadly out the reach of pharmaceutical industry, just like buried treasures. We aim at developing efficient and practical synthesis of these targets in our lab, and providing meaningful samples to support their future chemical biology study and drug discovery. To achieve the goal, we actively explore at both synthetic tactics level and novel methodologies level towards these specific targets.

We hope our endeavors will contribute to the discovery of life-saving drugs, and improve people’s life quality. In addition, our research will be beneficial for the endangered species to survive, and make our planet a more harmony and better place to live in.

The training that our lab provides to the researchers includes: strategy-level synthetic planning, new reaction discovery and optimization, purification skills, characterization of compounds through instrumental analysis and etc. Most importantly, as required by the projects, the habit of rational and deep thinking instilled in these students, will be an invaluable companion for their future careers.

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